To help you keep smiling… April 2020

1st April 2020 – Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture? Stop talking!

2nd April 2020 – Another moment of brilliance from Bill Bailey – playing a tune with cow bells.


3rd April 2020 – A clip from 2010 of a version of Rossini’s Cat Duet , performed by a very young Regis Mengus and his friend Hyacinthe De Moulins.


4th April 2020 – Monty Python’s Beethoven’s Mynah Bird sketch appeared in ‘Archaeology Today’, the 21st episode of their show. “Shakespeare never had this trouble.”


5th April 2020 – Debussy – Claire de Lune, played on the theremin by Grégoire Blanc.

6th April 2020 – The International Opera Choir – Coro Internazionale Lirico Sinfonico sings ‘Va pensiero’ from Verdi’s Nabucco: “To ease this situation of great tension, we have decided to open the doors of our virtual rehearsal rooms, so that each singer comes closer to each other through music.”

7th April 2020 – For the bassoons…


8th April 2020 – When I taught vibrations and waves to my physics students, they were always amazed by this clip of the boy with the wine glass – and we never managed to replicate what he did! Perhaps the music connection is a little missing here, but all musical instruments work on the same principle of forced vibrations, as demonstrated here.


9th April 2020 – Probably the most famous comedy sketch about classical music ever – when André Previn appeared on The Morecambe and Wise Showback in 1971.


10th April 2020 – The Upper Austria Youth Orchestra in a project called