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1st June 2020

Bill Bailey performing his version of the Downton Abbey theme tune on Michael McIntyre’s Easter Night At The Coliseum 2015

3rd June 2020

Happy Birthday to anyone whose special day is this week!

8th June 2020

Thank to Terry for this little gem, the first movement from Jacques Ilbert’s Trois pièces brèves.

10th June 2020

This is an American Gospel Quartet as you have never heard one before. Brilliant.

12th June 2020

When the internet first appeared, this track caused a sensation in my science lessons, and always had to be encored by demand. Words by Tom Lehrer, music by Sir Arthur Sullivan (The Pirates of Penzance).

13th June 2020

Something a little different – Marble Machine, built and composed by Martin Molin.

15th June 2020

More marbles!

18th June 2020

As we slowly return to normal, synchronised swimming can at last be happening again soon… … as in Footlight Parade (1933).

20th June 2020

The Pink Panther goes all classical! (with a touch of ‘world music’)

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